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When you see there is no future for you
When you feel that you’re cracking up
Then you cannot let brainless puppets
Play with your life idiot leaders!

Nearly everything has been taken away from youv
But you still have your human pride
And you may never give up hope
’cause the flame of your life is still flickering in you!

People are gathering with black flags
Blood is flowing on the barricades
And they sacrifice themselves for a better future
The youngs are in arms for their own life!

But the empire and it’s manslayer are waiting for them
Explosions and screams shake the earth
Nobody is spared from the awkward death
An infant with tears in his eyes is standing in the window

The soldier has a gun in his hand
He’s standing in front of the people and looking into their eyes
He can read the faces – ” Come along, old friend ”
And he turns the gun against his sovereign!

But the cowards open fire into the crowd
The president stands in safety laughing
Pain flashes through the faces
That do not let their dreams taken away!

If together they defeat their tyrants
The capitalist despotism
The false-hearted, unture system
They will free the suffering souls!

When the desperate fight is ovner
And no blood is flowing among the ruins
The wind waves the worn out flags
Then you don’t have to fight for your life any more!

And then those many children would not be in danger
There won’t be any starving men
Home will not be just a dream
Peace will rule the streets!

Peace on the streets, Peace on the squares, Peace in the world
Peace in the human minds!


If you hold your tongue, like so many people do
You’ll be only one drop and around you the sea
Which is polluted, and got no life in it
If you don’t change, you’ve got something to fear of.

If you’re not satisfied open your mouth!
If you see bad things open your mouth!
If something hurts open your mouth!


Your peace is war, my peace is life
For the one who supports you, doesn’t count a life

Fighting in the name of peace, you protect the power of money
You decide in stead of us, who’s innocent and who’s to blame

You’re going to fight terror with marching soldiers
But what you fight against similary lies in you


Sometimes there is no more and you must say goodbye
However, life was expensive, and alas, death comes
Humankind has tied it’s own tight loop
And under one foot the stool has been kicked

They have poisoned themselves, and are waiting for the miracle with ropes on their necks
Their minds have split and go on like living dead
Tha false value judgement has blotted out everything
And the world is rotting deep inside

All the defected souls are vegetating in the infinite
The world has not yet born but has already died around the people
Humankind has tied it’s own tight loop
And under one foot the stool has been kicked

Tear off the ropes of yourself!
Vomit the poison from your guts!
Take over the control of your life!
Your life cannot end like this!
Keep your hope!
Forge a new unity!
With strong will and solidarity!
We can save the world!


Another sunday this is, and your flock has come again
To wash off all the dirt of the weekdays
There is no sin from which you would deny to forgive for money
And as a good pastor you put on the sentence

We don’t need the hypocritical religion
We don’t need the unture absolution
We don’t need glorious words of the pastors
We don’t need the doubtful goods of thy paradise

For burglary or thievery say the “Lord’s” prayer five times
And tomorow you, can restart the dark side of your life
Criminal assault, pedophilia say the “Hail Mary” ten times
And you can preach the hymn of the moral for your son

And you, who killed, fling out your arms and shout a hundred prayers
And then you can say proudly that god forgives all
The pastor lay their hands on the donation with a devout face
And go to orgies after getting drunk from the service-wine


Go a head, take a gun in your hand
The only way to make your life safe
Never speak to anybody
Learn all the skills you need for fight

Perfect warrior, great citizen
That accepts what the state dictates
Without terms, goes to fight
Want to be this kind? Think it over!

Never look others in eye
Let’s throw away all human values
Who’s different than you should follow
You can destroy all things if you’d like too
And then you can dominate the whole world


My homeland is where I live
Not what the legend is about
For me the whole world is my home
My mother gave birth to me to be a human

I wasn’t even born, but I ‘ve been their property
After my birth, I became their slave
I became some numbers in their databank
Based on these they check me where ever I go

They make me brainwashed in the name of knowledge
To prevent the idea of an independent thought
If a little spark would remain
They’ll keep an eye on crushing you

With my job, serve them well
’cause they take away my profit whatever I gain
They tighten my space to live, don’t have time to anything
Alienation, enviousness to everybody else

They set the rules that I can’t brake
They declare borders that I can’t cross
In case I do it, I become a criminal
And the goddamn goverments imprison me


We’ve played together in the sand
We’ve sat together in the school desk
We’ve been together down on the square
We felt cold together at winter

And now you stand here facing me
Truncheon, weapon or a book in your hand
You gave up on what you belive
And became the slave of authority

You beat me up in my neighbourhood
You make me dumb in the schools
But you were one of us
And now you shoot into the crowd if the government tells to

We’ve been the same kids
Dreaming of a better world
But you forgot everything
Look at yourself, what you became


You have built the houses
You have built the streets
You have built the factories
Take a look at the things that remained from these!

They take away what you created
Realize that they exploit you
Without them life will be happy
Take back your life!

They say that life is hard
Because they don’t let it be easier
They keep us as slaves
And squeeze the body and soul

Capitalism destroy everythings
They blind you with their wars
It can’t go on like this, so face it
A change must be done

They stir up hatred among us
We start to hate our beloved ones
We live in a deformed scale of values
And fear maddens us


If you don’t know how to succeed in life, we lend you a helping hand
If you don’t know what is right and what is wrong, we lend you a helping hand
If you feel you should do something, we lend you a helping hand
If you feel that you should scream, we lend you a helping hand

We lend you a helping hand if you need
and we don’t ask anything for it
We help you find your way
But then you should take steps

When you see all the thing to sink, we lend you a helping hand
When you see the fall of things you like, we lend you a helping hand
If you tried everything, but you don1t have anything to live for, we lend you a helping hand
If you tried everything, but there’s no one to understand you, we lend you a helping hand