The story of the band

The band Barackca has been founded in October 1993. We had our first common rehearsals in the “Teleki Blanka technical college of economics” in Budapest. To form a band was the idea of János and Krisztán Huszár. They were joined by Zoli Kollár and Zoli Sziráki, furthermore by the first concert, Vili Virág and Andris Béres completed the band. By then, the style of music was still not clear but the desire for playing music bonded us together. Not much later, Miklós Kollár joined as guitarist. The first name of the band, “Barakk Rock”, was given after a barrack building on the school grounds. We rehearsed there until it got teared down. Thus, there was a demand for a name change, so, by nicknaming the building, the new name, “Barackca”, came to life which we write this bizarre way.

We initiated the process of writing our own songs relatively soon. While the music and the lyrics were written mainly by János and Krisztián, following their taste, the band started to become a punk rock band. We began to give concerts with the songs which we completed during the first year and a half. In February of 1995, we searched for a studio where we recorded the album titled “Eine Kleine Punk Musik” within 24 hours.

After this, we got more and more possibilities to play, especially in Budapest. We played mostly on school parties as well as in the Ferencváros cultural house, the successors of Fekete Lyuk (Black hole-one of the most famous punk-alternative-goth clubs behind the iron curtain): Klub III/III, the Patkány Lyuk, just as in province pubs. The ’96 Exploited concert which was held in Győr brought us a wide range acquiantenance. After this concert, whe played the whole country unter full steam. In 1996, during the recording sessions of the “Sleym” titled album, the Kollár brothers left the band on grounds of genre differencies. So, Jani, who was only singing so far, pcked up the guitar and played the left parts of the album. With this, he also played the guitar on concerts.

By June 1997, we finished our third album, named “Piros Hó” (red snow) on which we only perform as a trio. In this year we played the Sziget Festival for the fist time which was a characteristical undergroud festival back then. This concert was attended by 2.000-3.000 visitors which became a big experience for us. Jani started the concert by shouting a satiric rhyming couplet about the festival’s security guards who behaved very rude and randomly hit a lot of people about their abuse of their force. After the concert the security guards detained János and dragged him away to beat the shit out of him. Fortunately some acquiantances witnessed so he escaped with their help and in the end he didn’t get hurt. In the end of 1997, we had to farewell Zoli. Due to his studies, he was not able to bear continuous concerting. His place got overtaken by Bandi Puskás who remained in the band since.

For 1998 we got surrounded by society problems with growing seriousness which affected our album “Terror” which got released in that year.

The year 2000 saw the release of our “Kö(s)ztárság” (Republic) called material on which the social critical and view on world politics prevailed. Our first concert abroad was this year’s important milestone. This concert was in then still existing Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in a Feketić named village where more than 400 people gathered together to rise up an enormous party. For the next concert we got invited to Germany which got followed by more and more invitations.

The beginning of 2002 came across the release of our album “Miért élünk!?” (Why do we live!?) which contains only socially and politically charged songs.

In 2003 the band moved to Berlin, but we played so much concerts that it was pointless to maintain the quarters so budapest became our basis again. In October we celebrated our decennial with a three concert mini tour. By this time, every concert was attended by a crowded audience. In the month of December, we made new material which has been named “Open Your Mouth” and contains ten new, as well as nine rerecorded songs.

The year 2004 was our most moving year. Hoschi from the German town of Erfurt joined the band as second guitarist. In this year, we also played our 500th concert; furthermore, by December,
we played more than 100 concerts. For the end of the year we were invited to play a South-East Asian tour at which we played nine concerts in four countries.

By 2007, Barackca has already toured 24 European countries and were honoured to play on the designatest punk festivals. The biggest among these: Antifest, Force Attack, Pod Parou. During the years, we’ve played with countless world famous bands like: Exploited, Propagandhi, M.D.C., OI POLLOI, UK Subs, Vibrators, GBH, Extreme Noise Terror etc.

Since 2008, due to Krisztián’s relocation to the Netherlands, we just leisurely ran the band. Thus, we were unfortunately just very rarely able to play concerts. For these concerts, our
good friends Ádám from Semmi Komoly and later for years, Benji from Hatóságilag Tilos were a great convenience. This way, we thank them very much! Krisztián was able to play some concerts but due to his disease, in 2012, with a large scaled concert in celebration of our 19th band jubilé. This concert has been recorded with the help of professional cameramen and
released on DVD.

The years of vegetation seem to have come to an end because in 2017, Krisztián rejoined the band. We’ve got into the process of songwriting to develop new songs and the europewide concerting apparently jumps up again.