The ‘Raise Your Fist’ tour is about to kick off in Hungary with the 29th birthday punk party in Budapest. After that we will be heading to the northern tip of Luxembourg via Thuringia and Baden-Württenberg. After a rest there we will continue our journey to the West Flanders region of Belgium and from there on to Antwerp. From there, we’re off to the Netherlands, across the plains of Utrecht. Then we adventure to Amsterdam and, reinvigorated, find ourselves back in Germany in the tidy towns of North Rhine-Westphalia. From here, a longer drive takes us to the northern tip of Bavaria and then south to Nuremberg. From here we will also touch the western edge of Austria, only to be blown back by the wind to one of Hungary’s oldest settlements, Szombathely, where we will finish this tour. We are preparing two separate song lists and we will never know in advance which song we will play on which day. So soon we will have 17 days of fun, party, adventures, travel, music and lots of conversations with old and new friends.

Raise Your Fist Tour 2022
2022.10.06. Budapest @ RIFF, 29. Szülinapi Punk Party
2022.10.07. Ilmenau @ Chaos United
2022.10.08. Reichartshausen @ privat
2022.10.09. Holler @ BISTRO
2022.10.11. Kortrijk @ The Pit’s
2022.10.12. Antwerpen @ Music City
2022.10.13. Utrecht @ The Field
2022.10.14. Amsterdam @ Vrankrijk
2022.10.15. Münster @ Punkbar
2022.10.16. / HELP NEEDED!
2022.10.17. Aachen @ Lolaparoli
2022.10.18. HELP NEEDED!
2022.10.19. Hof @ Punk Keller
2022.10.20. Nürnberg @ Kunstverein
2022.10.21. Salzburg @ Zappzarapp
2022.10.22. Szombathely @ Bohém