Saturday we were going to play at EKH with MDC – Millions Of Dead Cops. Why we missed the gig is described at length here.

In an anonymous e-mail, our band was accused of several unfounded accusations or half-truths, which, taken out of context, show something completely different from what actually happened.

  1. One of which was to smear our band with the permanent bass player of the band Barackca. They based their claim on a liar’s post against Barackca, written for an unreliable blog site.
  2. The other accusation was about our substitute bass player.

What is alleged about him is a complete lie. The rumor on which it was based takes details out of context. The story in question is a personal private affair of the two people involved. This privacy is something the band wishes to continue to respect, so the details will not be published. The two parties involved in the story have been heard and we can state, in agreement with them, that the slander against them is not true, and the matter is closed.

The slanderers did not visit the Barackca when they heard the rumors, but sent slanderous emails to several places where we had a concert scheduled. These places, unlike the slanderers, chose the path of straightforwardness and asked the orchestra itself about the allegations, and we told the truth about the accusations based on misinformation or untruths. Each of these places and organizers, mainly because they knew our band and what we have been fighting against for almost 3 decades, refused to accept anonymous accusations (especially from people who even specifically asked to keep their identity secret) and gave us space for our concerts.

The EKH was the only place that continued to treat the band with reservations, saying they were not familiar with our attitudes to sexism and violence. Yes, we totally agree with them on that one, because it has been proven that they know nothing about us:

  • We have repeatedly spoken out against violence against women.
  • We have always supported and if needed also physically intervened and protected women, LGBTQ people and men.
  • They were not there in Berlin when a punk was beating up a barmaid after our concert in the KÖPI squat. About 30 people just watched this. János (our singer) intervened to protect the girl, so the attacker smashed his head with a beer bottle.
  • They weren’t there when a guy in Arnstad started to molest a drunken sleeping girl. Krisztián, our drummer, saw this and pulled him off the girl, not caring that his friends attacked him because they didn’t know why Krisztián was pushing the boy out of the building. Several people punched and kicked him while he was helping a helpless girl.
  • They weren’t there when we separated girls fighting each other at a concert while another 20-30 people laughed at them.
  • They weren’t there at any of our countless concerts where we immediately interrupted the concerts as soon as we saw violence and broke up the fighting parties.
  • If there was a situation, we escorted out the aggressive, offensive performers ourselves.
  • You have no idea that our band has repeatedly voiced the anti-violence that is mentioned in our songs.

In comparison, the EHK is only interested in the rumors written to them by the two accusers who were not even there at the incident, but only heard from someone’s someone that something happened. Neither the accusers nor the EHK team bothered to ask the two people involved what happened and what it was they were referring to. What they charged as our crime was: why did we not immediately distance ourselves and leave our fellow musician on the roadside without investigating the incident and asking all concerned what happened. We did not do that until we knew all the circumstances.

We contacted the man whom the EKH (and the accusers) believe to be the injured party. He asked to be called a victim and spread lies about this incident. The two people involved in the story have been on good terms ever since, but it is very hurtful and frustrating for them to have their private lives and their lives talked about by strangers who have nothing to do with them, who know nothing about their whole lives and the case. The party that is seen as the victim is deeply upset, as is the fact that a band that has nothing to do with them or the case is being attacked because of their private life.

In response to the EKH’s questions by e-mail, Jani immediately replied that the slanderous statements were “fake news” and that he would even meet them in person to clarify the matter.
The EKH has asked Jani about the case and it seems that they have already decided that whatever Jani will say about the case, they will not accept it.
The first charge was quickly dropped, as they know that Barackca is an anti-fascist band.
(The accusation was that Barackca supported a concert of a Nazi band with their instruments LOL)
In the other case, because the two defamers told them a very distorted and twisted version of a real story, it was interpreted that since the story had real elements, the whole story itself did not qualify as “fake news”.
Jani was guilty of using the term “fake news”. And the EKH argues that anyone who uses this term does not take violence against women seriously enough.
This was and still is one of the main problems.
Therefore, the EKH team decided that Jani and Barackca were not wanted in their place because they felt that Jani’s attitude was victim-blaming. Even as the party concerned explicitly states that she was not a victim and called it all “fake news” herself.
The EKH based its decision on a misunderstanding of a foreign language. Jani did not learn English at school and, not least, they do not speak perfect English. The misunderstandings arising from language barriers were pointed out to the participants in the meeting by one of the guys called in to act as a “translator”. He pointed out that in many places there were misunderstandings between the parties arising from the use of words.

The EKH nodded at the meeting and then ignored it afterwards.

The opinion of Barackca:

  • Taking a part of a real story out of context, dramatically exaggerating that part, is as much a lie, or fake news, as a story that is entirely made up.
  • The EKH resented and even questioned Jani for wanting to investigate the whole story and its truth, and only then was he prepared to express any opinion on what had happened.
  • Our band will not condemn anyone just because there are rumors about them. In that case, we will try to find out the truth. If the truth comes to light, we will always investigate the circumstances, taking into account the motives, intentions and lessons learned by the parties involved. In each case, we will also allow for the possibility that a person may not be perfect, may even make mistakes that can be rectified.

The above is considered necessary and inevitable, rather than an immediate condemnation or banishment from our ranks.

Finally, the position of the Barackca band on the EKH and our accusers:

  • As a sentencing court, you pretended to be interested in the band’s position, but in fact you had already decided its guilt. They ignored the facts that were presented.
  • The EKH has behaved in this case exactly like the state police. They focused on only one point and ignored all the circumstances, like when someone is convicted of stealing food for his starving family.
  • The EKH and the accusers only cared about their own point of view, nothing else mattered to them (neither the truth, nor the circumstances, nor the person they accused, nor the person they were trying to protect) Therefore, in this story, they themselves caused the most pain.
  • The EKH and the accusers received a specific letter from the person (they thought they were defending) in which the person confirmed the allegations of the band and Jani. This letter was elegantly brushed aside by the EKH and pretended not to exist.
  • In fact, the EKH and the accusers had taken a scene completely out of context and put their own fictitious context around it, with the sole purpose of justifying themselves.

Barackca has a message for two people whose private affairs they have unwittingly become part of:

We regret that this has happened! You can both count on our support.
We sincerely hope that we can finally put an end to this story, that each of you can return to your own lives and stop interfering in the other’s. We are all very sorry for your loss.

The Barackca band will continue as it has for the last 30 years: